Saturday, September 10, 2011

Missing Black Female Cockapoo

 IF YOU SEE HER CALL 206 719 5603 not chase!

 2/28/2012  Again seen near the Markland Apartments near Cedar Way and 236th st.
 2/15/2012  Seen north of downtown not far from the swimming pool
 1/4/2012 Seen near Cedar Way and 236 st SW--Markland Apartments in Mountlake Terrace
11/9/2011  Seen near 220th st SW and 66th Ave W
10/20 8:00 at 56th ave SW and 220th St W in Mountlake Terrace..

A black cockapoo is lost over North Seattle.  She is black with white markings, 9 years old, female and is microchiped and has a tag.  She got away from a "pet nanny" and I suspect someone has picked her up.  She has health problems and needs her meds.

There have been unconfirmed sightings around Mountlake Terrace (Terrace Creek Park area) this week.

Reward for finding her.

Here are some pictures.   Her hair has undoubtedly grown in, so the first two pictures are probabl much closer to what she looks like now.

She was lost near Greenwood Ave N and N 102nd St. in NW Seattle at around 8 AM on Saturday, Sept 10th.  We had taken her to a "professional" pet nanny, DeDe Harris, who left the gate open and our dog and others got out. 

If you find here, please let me know (leave a comment or email/call, 206 719 5603).

Thanks so much...cliff mass